Dornier S-Ray 007

From Libelle to S-Ray 007

The design is based on one of the first successful Dornier flying boat, Libelle, from 1921 by Claude Dornier and has been modernized as an amphibian multi-purpose aircraft to handle the land and the sea. Almost 86 years later, Iren Dornier, the grandson of Claude Dornier, created with its team the Dornier S-Ray 007. From its original look and with its new design it still can be identified to be a true Dornier aircraft.


Ultimate Amphibian Aircraft

Modern lightweight carbon and composite structure in its favorable configuration provide a comparatively high resistance against fatigue assuring a well proportional payload and range and terminate recent corrosion problems on aluminum structures.

Aerodynamic and hydrodynamic properties and the handling qualities turned out to be excellent. The shape has been analyzed by CFD methods. The high wing attachment provides a shadow environment, where cockpit heat radiation is much less.

Up to 30 degree flap selection will slow down the aircraft in ground effect to a minimum speed where low speed flight characteristics are extremely good-natured.

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